57 channels of church and nuthin's on

Certainly, the emerging church crowd brings legitimate issues to the table. The issues however aren't necessarily new, but the solutions haven't been necessarily satisfactory for those seeking new ways to do church. Unfortunately, as any reader of this blog will know, some of the proposed solutions, in my opinion, not only are lacking but can be downright spiritually dangerous. But who is doing it well? If people are producing eternal fruit under different formats then many are doing it well. I have no problem with all the different channels or flavors of church.
My blend starts with the one I grew up in the
Plymouth Brethren continues into my college exerience at UConn, where I grew spiritually under the influence of Intervarsity ) and the one I chose after graduation, a Vineyard which is charismatic and is now a Calvary Chapel where I am an elder and enjoy sitting under a verse by verse exposition through the entire Bible. I teach classes there and am currently facilitating a home hosted mid-week Bible study.
The desire for community isn't unique to the emerging church, Jesus hippies were doing it and still are in cell churches like Xenos and Dove with whom my neighbor is affiliated. A wiki article differentiates between
home churches and cell based churches. I'm also a father of 3 children and am very interested in a movement seen in Baptist circles lately called an intergenerational church with no age-segregated Sunday school. They are also known as Family Integrated Churches, read some more here. I also have been influenced by Bill Hybels story of wanting to bring his friends to church but watching them paralyze in such a foreign environment then desiring to carry over the successful methods of youth ministry into adult ministry. The emerging church has similar history and its leadership has common bonds in Youth Specialties. I'm endeared to the priesthood of all believers and enabling the development of leaders without arm twisting. I like minimal organizational structure, but do not think the PoMo, "fluid, task-specific, matrix leadership" concept is Biblical. I've been translating the Pastoral Epistles of late and you can't get around the edict for ordained leadership. The olders in the faith need to be guiding the youngers, which comes back around to the Intergenerational Thing.
Something from the emerging church that resonates with me is the objection to the high cost hurdle of a new church plant. How does a church get planted? My friend Eric thinks about that too.
Since I'm totally white trash with a "low-church" life, I have little concern about ancient future stuff or candles or high church liturgy. It's never been part of my life with God so I don't see the need for it. I would fear bringing my unsaved co-workers to something that involved such huge culture shock.

So if I were to plant a church what would it look like? What would I model it after? Is there something that can accomodate all these influences? Do either of my 2 readers know of a church that does this already? Is there another flavor? I will tell you my idea in the next post, unless something real exciting happens between then and now or the Lord returns r something like that.


Unknown said…
Anxiously waiting to see what your church plant will look like!
Justin said…
Justin Vine here....

I would recomend a book called "Revolution" by George Barna. I just finished it, it has to do alot with the church, and the church future. A great book!

I hope your well!


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