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What theologian do i identify with?

You scored as Martin Luther. The daddy of the Reformation. You are opposed to any Catholic ideas of works-salvation and see the scriptures as being primarily authoritative.

Martin Luther80%Karl Barth73%Jonathan Edwards67%Charles Finney60%John Calvin40%Anselm33%Augustine33%J�rgen Moltmann27%Friedrich Schleiermacher27%Paul Tillich0%
Which theologian are you?
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Observations on the post-Katrina Gulf

David Langness is quoted at Informed Content,
Katrina displaced probably a million people; 144 square miles of New Orleans (the city is about 200 square miles total) are under a toxic brew of foul water, sewage, oil, gas, lead, PCBs, carcasses both human and animal, etc. I saw thousands upon thousands of poor people set adrift; America’s most vibrant city stilled and stinking; alligators feasting on the dead; flooded, evacuated hospitals; the complete destruction of hundreds of thousands of homes. The television and newspaper photos are nowhere near sufficient to convey the scope and magnitude of the destruction

There is an abundance of newspaper clippings worth reading at Prometheus6 .

Mostly pictures here.

Church blog. Sovereing Grace Fellowship in Slidell, La.

Yikes- Tony Campolo - Open Theism in Action

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The Kingdom of God, by Christopher D Marshall

A Journey of Friendship and Reconciliation along the Meridian Line and Beyond - The Lifeline Expedition - Healing the past, transforming the future.

Homes for Katrina Victims


It’s been hard to blog about anything after this devastating hurricane Katrina. I’m a little shell-shocked, even though I live in Connecticut. Last night I was able to make a contribution, monetarily, through the Samaritan’s Purse website. One of the guys I have coffee with every morning heard somewhere from someone a proposal that we who have homes could take in all these displaced people. I really like that idea. Logistics are a big problem, but maybe churches can connect and facilitate this.