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ecoBUILD techologies

update 2012: new website-EcoSteps ecoBUILD techologies has this hybrid of sand filled bags and their ecobeam, which is small lumber with a metal zig-zag in between. It was developed in South Africa as an affordable housing option requiring no skills, just perseverance, bags, and sand. Their is also a division in Israel, which markets their homes to a wealthier market.
As someone aware of the need for housing in Haiti, I think this is fantastic. With the addition of rebar ties between the floor and ceiling plate, I think this simple technology would be great in Haiti. The addition of the rebar would be for earthquake stability.
Even the Earthbag Building blog has an article on the Eco-Beam.
The video is low quality, but very informative.

The summary from their website is: Advantages of the Ecobeam system

The Ecobeam System complies with all NHBRC requirements.
Construction can take place at locations to which road access is not provided. This reduces the damage and congestion caused by heavy…

new blog background

This is a fun picture in the background on the blog. Blogger came out with some new easy switch templates. I'm trying this one.

Binishell - concrete dome homes

IM Design has been bringing great housing alternatives to its blog lately. Like this thing. Binishell: These pictures are pretty old, but there are new ones at the new website, .

There is similar technology in use in the US used by Monolithic Dome. Monolithic seems to take more work. Bini lays the re-bar in circles on top of the air bladder, but springs run cross wise through that steel. The concrete is poured on the flat bladder and re-bar and springs and then the bladder is inflated before the concrete sets. All the technical details are explained on the older version of the website. Insulation still needs to be added on the dome and a finish coat after that.Monolithic blows up the bladder first, then sets up re-bar inside then insulation is sprayed on then concrete. No matter what, I like domes and round homes.

Circular Passive House Villa in Sweden

I love round houses. Preston at Jetson Green found this round incarnation of a Passive House. It even has a little courtyard.
Circular Passive House Villa in Sweden: "
Preston writes "Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture recently let us know of a newly completed Passive House in Borlänge, Sweden. It's beautiful, prefabricated, contemporary, and, stating the obvious, circular. The 1,700 square-foot home features an interior atrium, lake-facing kitchen and living room, and more private bedrooms and bathrooms on the other side of the home."
Learn more about Passive House Villa Nyberg in Sweden.

Media credits: Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture. Back to the umblogger:
I like the clock philosophy the architects use.

Alternate Energy: Passive Solar Homes

Alternate Energy: Passive Solar Homes uses air tubes through a foot thick pad of concrete and 3 inches of rigid insulation in addition to the sun to keep their houses at a comfortable temperature and humidity year round. They push the air from the peak of the house down into the massive thermal mass in the basement which stays about the same temperature year round. This is from their FAQ page.
We design, engineer and market a unique concept incorporating
proper solar orientation, a superior 6-sided insulation envelope and a large air integrated thermal mass system.
Our unique homes can be built in whatever size, shape and style you desire, i.e., contemporary, saltbox, traditional, etc.
Insulated and sealed on all six sides with 4" of polyisocyanurate (foam board) yielding a performance level of R38, 7 to 9 times higher than typical new homes.
An integral air handling system powered by a small fan gathers air at the peak of the house and pulls it down an airshaft to be delivered, throu…

Straw bale and shipping container home

I'm loving ideas like this for cheap strong housing.

Jesus, drinking and Mormons

It is my contention that Mormonism is not consistent with itself, with the Bible, or with the gospel it claims to restore. An easy shot is the prohibition of alcohol. Jesus drank wine and was accused of being a drunk (Luke 7:34). Joseph Smith died in a lynching on a night he was drinking and smoking. So the word of wisdom is inconsistent with Smith's own lifestyle, Jesus's lifestyle, and the gospel of freedom.
Colossians 2:20-23

20Since you died with Christ to the basic principles of this world, why, as though you still belonged to it, do you submit to its rules:21“Do not handle! Do not taste! Do not touch!”? 22These are all destined to perish with use, because they are based on human commands and teachings. 23Such regulations indeed have an appearance of wisdom, with their self-imposed worship, their false humility and their harsh treatment of the body, but they lack any value in restraining sensual indulgence.