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January 2015

This blog turns 10 this year. Here is the first post.
I turned 45 this month.
Wow! The more I learn, the less I know.
When I used to blog multiple times a day, in the beginning, Twitter didn't exist.
My self-righteousness was so easily aroused. And I would write things and publish them. Now I just have to share a link to Twitter with a click or two. ;-)
This year will be different.

I made one resolution for 2015: read great literature.

I started Dostoyevsky's Brothers Karamozov at the beginning of the month. I'm only two thirds the way through. I like it, but it's not candy reading. It is not YA Lit. It is intense, deep, profound, challenging, almost life like. The most famous chapter in the book is "The Inquisitor",  a critique of organized Christianity in which Jesus Christ himself is executed by the Spanish priest. However, I find the life story of Elder Zossima more penetrating. If the book was on my Kindle, I would have filled up Twitter with so many quo…