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blessed by a disabled child

more useful history surrounding the Turkey visit

Muslim outrage syndrome

alternatives to monologues from the pulpit

it's fertility stupid

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Holy Spirit Community

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Indian justice

it finally happened

India: persecution in the south

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Church's sweet spot not in bricks and mortar

thanksgiving serve-a-polooza

violence in the home

Atheism kills more people

they aren't kuppies or pittens


book report: Warlords (of WW2)

great fun at GR and Episcopal reporting

where is NT Wright in the war on terror

negatives on dome homes

Who needs Paul?

Nudity in the fall

Dealing with secret temptations in ministry

i'm thankful for

Indian Muslims kill a Christian

decline of marriage

Portrait of God in the OT

When is a church a church?

Cadre's Thanksgiving Reflections and Blessing

Thank you for this turducken

converts in India have their homes destoyed

Abe Lincoln the flip-flopper?

Obama invited into Warren's pulpit

Bart Campolo and the EO

Hey Brian! Pipe down!

TSK family meal

SIP dome homes

Bart Campolo's Karamazov god

Ur: Burned by Branding

Smart Mom snacks

Lincoln: Genius politically and militarily

reading the Bible

Driscoll emerges from the pig-pile

blast past 5000 hits

listening to Cash's latest album

latest successes with stem cells - not embyonic ones

Ex-Adventist Outreach

success with adult stem cells

kuppies or pittens?

GR: More Quiverful

signs of the times

pig pile on Driscoll

God's Birth Control

encouraging thoughts on the Haggard scandal

Atheist Dawkins has same talking points as Elton John

India: you can't join a church

all encompassing eschatology

book report: The Goodness of God by John Wenham

Walmart re-acknowledges Christmas - Whew!

CT: What married women want...

British cities reinstate Christmas - Whew!

Monday fun- longest words

Mouw calls Mormons or himself a bluebird instead of grackle

11/11 Thank you veterans

brain imaging glossalists

have we been velocitized?

CT: Worth Protecting

embryonic stem cell alternatives...

one person's church discipline experience

mostly born abortion ban

why Mormon missionaries lie

A-Team: Looney Tunes world

Signs of a restorable spirit

induction stoves

ChristianCadre: Kill the Babies

International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church

voting and the kingdom of God

Breakpoint: A Christian state in India

English Christians with a small god

Inquisition in Goa

Challies excellent reflection

India: youths arrested for forced conversion

another Haggard summary...

Ted won't take Driscoll's advice

Gayle Haggard will stay with her husband

Driscoll tries to help future Haggards, BUT...

Pastoral Submission

Haggard is asked to resign...and he does