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50 churches burned in India for Christmas

Peace on earth! (not at Wounded Knee Creek though...)

Top 10 posts 3rd week of December 2007

Cinema review: The Hiding Place (1975)

Johnny Cash, A testimony of temptation

I fell off the wagon

YWAM memorial service

Lakota Indians secede from U.S.

What to do when a mad gunman shows up?

The story from YWAM Arvada

70th anniversary of the Nanking atrocity

Top 10 posts 2nd week of December 207

Pacifists and shooters on a rampage

Thank God for Mitt Romney

WWJD in New Life church narthex with shooter?

Will the YWAM shooter go to heaven?

Colorado shooter's online rants

very good Colorado shootings round up

contrast of YWAM shooter and victim

The church security guard speaks!

shooter NOT killed by church security guard!

pray for the YWAM shooting victims

Pearl Harbor (66th anniversary)

Presidential religion test

Gitmo rights

Candidate matcher

passive solar home construction

Top 10 posts last week of November

Fantasy Kit house: Loq-kit

How to build a warm home in North Dakota a thousand years ago

More in Indian nation sovereignty

Sovereignty denied at Mashantucket

Top 10 posts Thanksgiving week 2007

Do you know your american indian history?

Thanksgiving Facts

King Philip's War

Squanto aka Tisquantum

Top 10 posts Nov 10-17

Ghost Dance: Part 2

the Ghost Dance

great modern floor plan

Handsome Lake: American Indian spiritual leader

Gabions/rock bales

Michael Medved: Denier of American Indian Holocaust

Andrew Sullivan and Divorce

Mohican Indians of Stockbridge and John Sergeant