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Oct 31 roundup

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Top Ten Reasons Singles Aren't Marrying

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Killing Embryos to help MJ Fox


Funk's Greek Grammar online

mega pastor for micro churches

stem cell cancer

Abortion byproduct or murdered baby

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Joe Carter on Embryonic Stem Cells

Partners blog: Burma's war on its own people

CSM: economics as a means to reconciliation in Rwanda


India: Where it is a criminal offence to convert to Christianity ...

LJ: House Churches that Complement "Big Church"

a prominent house churcher on the EC

Erasable Bible

God's Story

Larry Linguist

a lesson in forcing a theology on a resistant passage

India: do well, make BJP jealous, lose your facility

Convert from Islam, get killed

Che Guevera wasn't cool?

Back from Send the Message

The KKK Disbands

anti conversion laws: India's future in Malaysia

women's speech in church 1 Cor 14

human then vegetable for 2 years now back to human

fear and loathing in India

Book of Zelph

Broken education

more perspective on North Korea

Iranian House Churches Request Prayer

Abortion Politics

short slideshow on US slavery

All-in-one on-line Bible resources

free international calling

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DUH: Dilbert's Ultimate House

The Point: A dying population

Street Church

Get Religion surveys the reporting on the Amish tragedy

embrace quiet: a plea from Doug Groothius

interesting questions on republican conspiracies

successful upgrade i think

trying to upgrade this to beta blogger

North Korean memorial day tomorrow

India:persecution of a youth

some muslim-christian history: Lepanto

The Magical Storyteller and John the Baptizer

Gooseberry Lane: How Do Men Cope with Tragedy?

a cessationist rethinks

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Pentecostals widening influence

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India: helping the Dalits despite upper caste resistance

a culture miles apart

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Pastor Jon on 1 Cor 14

Joe Carter on X-Cons (GenX Conservatives)

BTW: Ms. mag aborters list

thanks to the 20

Slate: Spin the Bottle: Mark Foley's 10-step rehab program.

Lucas thinks zero-sum

India: the politics (BJP/RSS) behind the persecution of the church

interpreting tongues

Where Was God in the Amish Killings?" Trouble in Paradise

TSK:one leader's personal history of the emerging church

BBC: Miracles in Indian Presbyterian churches

Spiritual gifts and 1 Peter 4:7-11,

Parable of the embryo

The Shakers in their own words

Where were the Hindus when we had no schools?

sigh...India, Hindus, persecuted Christians

growth through the parachurch...

Abortion and the Godfather 2