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ideal bike

I've gotten too many flats on my bike in the past month. I don't like carrying spare tubes or buying a mini-pump, so I'm left high and dry some mornings. I also have tubes with mystery holes that won't reveal themselves so I can patch them. On my ride home today I fantasized about a solid tire. I figure it would make a rough ride without suspension. But if I had suspension, the tires could be made of steel and I wouldn't feel much. The internet turned up Nu-Teck Airfree Tires though. They can be made hard or soft. I'm interested. I need to find some online reviews though.

Cinema review: All Quiet on the Western Front (1930)

All Quiet on the Western Front, released in 1930, is as compelling today as it was 78 years ago. One thing I appreciate about the older films is the ability to convey the horror without the graphic reproduction of blood and guts in modern films such as Saving Private Ryan. This movie looks at the consequences of whipped up patriotism to justify the unjust. It is a timely movie to the era we are in now.

Cinema review: Iron Man

I like the kind of superhero who always has the upper hand, no matter what. When I was a scrawny kid putting up with bullies, I escaped into a superhero fantasy world where the rules would be different. I imagined my super strength. I imagined super tools. I imagined super suits. Even though I read many comic books, Iron Man was not one of them. But he fits the bill. He's got the wealth and gimmicks of Batman without the hang-ups. I enjoyed the new movie. The only thing that really bothered me was the gratuitous sex scene that had nothing to offer to the plot.


Cardboard testimonies.


A thief stole a church's trailer with all their stuff in it. I presume they don't own a building. So they hung some billboards up to get the thief's attention. But the pastor also made a video extending forgiveness to the thief and inviting him to church and a dinner on him. Here is the video. This is a great example of God's upside down, out of this world kingdom.

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self made earth sheltered, straw bale insulated round home

Mostly built by a guy and his dad and a few tools and little experience. It's beautiful to me in many aspects. I urge you to visit a low impact woodland home inhabited by a family of four.