I am a conservative, white, American Christian

I am a conservative white christian and I fled Europe for religious freedom.

In 1635 I banished Roger Williams from Plymouth because he exercised religious freedom and thought differently. As St. Paul says, if anyone preaches a different gospel, let him be accursed.

In 1692-93 I supported the execution of 20 people, most of them women, for the crime of witchcraft.

I continually applied rules of property exchange to the indigenous tribes who did not operate in the same way. When they realized we were taking advantage of them, and subsequently lashed out at us, we killed their women, children, and old in places like Mystic Connecticut.

I converted the indigenous people to my Christian faith which necessarily included a culture that looked and acted like mine. But my fellow white American christians did not like living near them, so we gathered them into "praying towns." As we encroached on their homelands, we forced them farther away. When they didn't convert, we would enslave them and sell them to sugar plantations in the Caribbean.

I led revivals among fellow whites, who didn't know they were sinners in the hands of an angry God, holding them by a thread over a white hot fire, because that's what the Bible said. Meanwhile, I owned African men, women and children, because the Bible does not condemn slavery.

Religious liberals condemned slavery. They were deists, Quakers, unitarians, and even atheists. They had no Bible verses. In response to these liberals I made laws banning the unilateral freeing of slaves. I also made laws requiring escaped slaves to be returned. I fought a war of rebellion to protect my right to own fellow human beings. I joined in fasts and prayer vigils, asking God to deliver us from an oppressive federal government.

Communists and religious liberals argued for the right of employees to have rights to living wages, limited hours, days off, and age limits. The Bible does not support these things, especially when communists demand them. They are godless and anything they ask cannot be from God.

As slaves were freed and workers were allowed to make demands on employers, we started down a slippery slope. Soon everyone would want the same rights I as a conservative white American christian had. Unexpectedly, women demanded the right to vote. As St. Paul writes, women are easily deceived and cannot be trusted in such matters.

I refused to become political when black Americans also demanded to be treated equally. They did not like substandard schools, bus seats, voting restrictions, wages or criminal justice. I refused to march with them. As St. Paul says, God has placed our governments over us to keep order. They were disturbing the order. I would not get involved with them. Communists and Jews did. They are all Christ haters.

Women again wanted more rights. We let them vote and work with us, they did not want to stay home and raise children. They wanted equal pay for equal work. They wanted the right to make medical decisions about their own bodies. They wanted the right to divorce abusive spouses. God hates divorce. Feminists hate God.

Next on the slippery slope to godless communism, homosexuals demanded civil rights. It's clear from the writings of St. Paul that God hates fags. They are all going to hell for rejecting the ancient faith. If they are given equal rights God will judge our nation. We will become communist.

Then those gays wanted to have access to marriage contract rights. Well I wrote a constitutional amendment to defend heterosexual marriage. If I did not, God would judge the nation.

I told gay kids in my church they could not be gay. They had to repent. God would help them un-gay themselves.

Now trans kids would like to be accepted. I do not understand their thinking. It does not fit into my Biblical categories or favorite texts. So I will defer to my conservative approach. If it's new, it's wrong. I don't pay attention to those verses about making all things new or forgiveness for the whole world or their is neither male nor female, slave or free or the greatest of these is love. New things terrify a conservative christian male like myself. I prefer to drive in the passing lane, instead of meander on the margins of the road, looking for the wounded and injured.


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