Top 10 posts Thanksgiving week 2007

Welcome to this week's Top 10.
I've been too busy to blog lately, but I've still had time to read the feeds. If you'd like to see what i find interesting other than these top 10, look at the top of the blog or click here.
And without further ado...
I have a few selections from in this category.
Subheading: Conversion
Guy Muse has two of importance this week. Follow up on new converts is essential.
A first person account of joining a church from the St. Paul's blog.
Sociologist Bradley Wright compares the NYT map of megachurches with population density.
Subheading Missions
Guy follows up this week with shared lessons on starting a church planting movement.
Subheading Charismata
In memoriam of John Wimber who went to heaven 10 years ago.
Subheading Theology
J.P. Moreland warns against replacing the power of God with Bibliolatry.

Native Americans
Indigenous names leave their mark all over the U.S. Yet Americans still think it's not a problem to use Indian images and caricatures as mascots.

A challenging analysis of how Daniel and his friends chose compromise wisely.

Cleaning up oil spills with human hair mats that grow mushrooms.


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