10 Commandments and Proverbs

We started the book of Proverbs today in our Bible study at work, AKA work church. It seems to me that most of the proverbs are a fleshing out of the 10 Commandments, see the series I did. Has anyone gone through the book and labeled each proverb with a corresponding commandment? Is that published or online anywhere? I think it'll be another project of mine at some point.


Anonymous said…
Hi John,

I just stumbled across your "Umblog" and glad to see you spent a long time thinking, reflecting and writing on the 10 commandments. I agree with the idea that the Proverbs unfold the commands, and I look forward to seeing how you might write and reflect on this. Blessings.
jpu said…
Thanks Doug, except I should finish the Song of Solomon first.
God is good

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