book report: The Expanded Bible

As my kids get bigger and my house feels smaller, collections get squeezed out. At least I can keep bikes in the garage. But I do have a weakness for Bibles, translations and study Bibles. For the past year, I have been reading my Greek New Testament almost every morning then I re-read the chapter in English. Until I received the Expanded Bible from Thomas Nelson publishers, I had been using a newer, more literal translation. But for the past few weeks of both letters to the Corinthians, I have been greatly enjoying the Expanded Bible.

Although it is "expanded" it's not the Amplified Bible. When I first opened this Bible, that was what I thought I had, a re-hashed concept. Honestly, I hated it at first. But when I read the introduction, and learned the apparatus and the intentions, I became intrigued then enthralled. However, this isn't for everyone. Part of reason for my enjoyment was my struggles with the Greek. Sometimes the editors of the Expanded Bible insert in brackets the literal translation. The base translation they used was the New Century Version, a paraphrase. Therefore, one can enjoy the natural English paraphrase, but at critical verses, see the literal translation that the paraphrase is derived from. Additionally, important cross references are inserted in the verses as well as brief, explanatory comments. The slogan on the Bible's jacket is "Study the Bible while you read." I think they have achieved this. I hope this Bible is so well received that an Old Testament will follow someday.


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