Binishell - concrete dome homes

IM Design has been bringing great housing alternatives to its blog lately. Like this thing.
These pictures are pretty old, but there are new ones at the new website, .

There is similar technology in use in the US used by Monolithic Dome. Monolithic seems to take more work. Bini lays the re-bar in circles on top of the air bladder, but springs run cross wise through that steel. The concrete is poured on the flat bladder and re-bar and springs and then the bladder is inflated before the concrete sets. All the technical details are explained on the older version of the website. Insulation still needs to be added on the dome and a finish coat after that.

Monolithic blows up the bladder first, then sets up re-bar inside then insulation is sprayed on then concrete. No matter what, I like domes and round homes.


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