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I got to learn much more about container housing from a blog and ebook by Alex Klein in

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Mississippi. He is selling the 100 page PDF on container housing for $10 at his blog. He is doing work to get some container structures to Haiti and make container housing for oil clean up workers working on the Gulf beaches.

The information that was good for me was worth the ten bucks. He recommends closed cell spray on polyurethane foam on the outside. He recommends a SIP roof with standing seam metal on top which makes the installation of solar panels easy. He even recommends the short containers (ISBU's to those in the know) to make delivery and drop off easier. A crane is not necessary for the small ones. He shares designs of single container homes and nine container homes. He recommends planning ahead so that adding modules in the future will be easier. He prefers siding like in the house above and not making the neighbors suffer with the architectural "honesty" of the house below.

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The houses could be left as ugly as the building blocks because the steel for these things is made to endure passage across the sea multiple times for many years. But it's nice to not annoy the neighbors permanently. Even with the expensive roofing and unnecessary siding he has seen owner/builders finish their homes for under $50 psf.

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Planning and zoning commissions do need convincing. That's why making the outside of the containers look conventional would be in the owners best interest. Klein doubts that lenders will fund such a project though. He recommends paying cash for these builds. At $50 psf, that just might be possible. It is for people he has worked with.Enhanced by Zemanta


Container Homes said…
Thanks for taking the time and effort to post your review.
Anonymous said…
Hi John,

Thanks for reviewing my new book:

"Introduction to Container Homes and Buildings"

The goal is to help families understand that they can build strong, durable, affordable housing, without getting choked by huge debts or giant mortgages.


Most importantly, that they can do it THEMSELVES.

It isn't "free" and it isn't "easy" either. It takes hard work, sacrifice, and passion.

But, you'd expect that in order to achieve something that will change your life.

I'll refrain from leaving a URL book link, but would love to do so if you'd graciously allow it.

Again, thanks for the kind words about my new book.

Alex Klein

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John Umland said…
No problem Alex. Link away.
God is good
Anonymous said…
Thanks John!

For those of you interested in buying my book (it's a very affordable $9.95) you can find it here:

I hope that it brings joy to your family, and your home!

Alex Klein

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