software review: Logos 4 Bible software

Software review: Logos 4
Back in the early 00's I bought a lot of Bible software from many providers but most of it came from Logos. I have great resources that run on their 2.0 and 3.0 software. But then I returned to the cult of the mac, and all those CD's sat neglected in a cardboard box for years. I considered buying Accordance, but I could not afford to buy the same digitized information formatted for another OS. The internet has narrowed the gap on many of these resources, I really like the NET Bible's site, but most of the material I have on these CD's is still copy write protected and not legally available for free. I did buy VMWare Fusion to emulate windows on my Macs, but it never really worked well, almost like dial up internet (slow as molasses), so I never really used all that good stuff except when I was desperate. Logos 4 is the newest version of their software and it works on Macs and Windows. Logos promises to always provide free software upgrades. So I did it. I downloaded the free version of Logos 4 and eventually figured out how to sync my licences and now I have all my stuff working on my Mac.

But there's more than just an abundance of resources at my finger tips. I was given a hand-me-down Dell laptop running Vista, and so I have Logos 4 on this one as well. The neat thing is that I can be studying something and clipping notes and building a file on one computer, close it, and if I resume working on the other computer, all those titles and notes are right there. Logos keeps my account synced, no matter which machine I work on. I love it.

But wait there's more. There is an app for the iPod Touch, that allows me to access many of those books and Bibles, but not all yet, online. And if I'm really in need of resources, but at a computer without Logos on it, I can read it those same books online at Biblia. This software has made me a happy Bible camper in both the Mac and Windows world. I'm still glad for the internet, I love Bible Study Tools website, but I also have on my PC, Bibleworks 5, which is on version 8 now, and the Zondervan Bible Reference System, which no longer exists. But they serve special purposes that Logos doesn't do for me. I also have the PC Study Bible, but it doesn't work well with Vista, so I can't use it.

On Logos, I have 177 books to look through when I am studying. And now I can do it on whichever computer is available. Thanks Logos.
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