Gabion House for Haiti - Project R (The Rubble House)

World Buildings Directory - Project R (The Rubble House) This page has a great idea for a place like Haiti, which is filled with concrete rubble since the earthquake last year. The only thing I'm not quite sure about is the availability of wire to make strong cages. But this picture is beautiful. I know of at least one house being done in Haiti like this, as described in the comments at the Earth Bag building blog. Owen Geiger is also proposing to use rubble but in bags. Anyway, this house in Lebanon is gorgeous.

Update: Good news. Oxfam is indeed doing this in Haiti. They are planning 100 houses and are using chicken wire and rebar to hold the rubble together.

Another update: More gabion houses have been built in Grand Guave. Discussion and picture here. Website, Haiti Replacement Homes.


Anonymous said…
could you at least mention the source of the picture? and where the idea comes from?
John Umland said…
i did. please check the links.
God is good

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