book report: iShine Bible (NLT) for tweens

I wish I was a tween, because I would love this Bible. However, I am a parent of a tween and former tweens, and I have the tween boy Bible, not pink, and my tween would prefer the pink one. Nevertheless, there is much to like about this bible.
  1. I like the New Living Translation. It's very accessible to the tween reader
  2. I like the introductory chapters: What is the Bible?, Finding your identity in Jesus, Growing in Faith, The Bible Talks About
  3. I like the concluding chapters: Great Chapters of the Bible, Great Stories of the Bible, Great Verses of the Bible to Memorize
  4. I like these additions to the Bible because they provide focus to a young person who might be overwhelmed with such a long book
There is another aspect of this Bible that detracts from it just a little for this old man. That does not mean it will be a negative thing for a tween, but there are three sections in the Bible on thicker stock paper to draw the attention of a tween on the important topic identity.
  1. What matters to you?
  2. Who are you?
  3. Why are you here?
These are all good and theologically important. The discussion in those call out pages are orthodox and practical. My teens considered the stock photographs of teens dressed goofily to be uncool. I thought it made the editors point very well. Externals are temporary, but the internal is what will have eternal effects. Didn't Jesus say something about "white washed tombs"?

This bible is compact. It will fit easily in a backpack to bring to school or a Boy Scout campout. It is harder on old eyes like mine, but should be just fine for youngsters.

Tyndale provided this Bible to me for free in exchange for my unbiased review.
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