book report: Two Wars by Nate Self (2008)

I downloaded this when it was free for the Kindle, and it was much more than I bargained for. It was like a peanut M&M, sweet chocolate on the outside and something healthy to chew on inside. I sat down for a good read about army life in Afghanistan, for which I was richly rewarded, but after the story of his involvement in the day long firefight in Afghanistan with ambushing Al Queda on Robert's Ridge, I bit into a the more intense story of his PTSD upon return to civilian life.

I really enjoyed reading about his training as an Army Officer at West Point. I really enjoyed learning about his Ranger training. I learned about military life in Bosnia and Afghanistan. His descriptions of the battle on the mountain top known as Takur Ghar brought me on the ground with him and his squad. He served in Iraq also, but that was when PTSD started it's depressing effects on him. He retired from military life but couldn't adjust to civilian life. He knew he was destroying his marriage and family but he couldn't stop himself. Recovery did not come quick or easy, but his wife didn't give up on him, the smoldering wick of faith he had slowly came back to flame. He is still adjusting and recovering, but now he is in a place where he wants to help his brothers and sisters in arms recover as well, and recover better than he did. It's an intense story of one man's life. It's worth a read this Memorial Day as well. Thank you to all those who are serving, or have served our country in harm's way. To those who have lost sons, brothers, daughters, sisters, mothers, and fathers for the protection of our country, thank you.

There is a National Geographic special on this at You Tube in 5 parts. This is part 1.

There is also a longer NBC news special that can be found on Hulu, Rescue on Robert's Ridge.


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