Poetry for my wife's birthday

I believe it is my duty to all husbands, as incompetent as myself at celebrating milestones for their wives, to share the small victories. I have one arrow in my quiver; Haiku. Rhyming is not expected, just a meter, and a brief one at that. So I offer to all of you men ( those of you desperately searching for a poem for your wife because you forgot to buy a present or order flowers or reserve a table at the nice restaurant she's always wanted to go to) the poetry I presented my wife on her birthday last month.

When you were twenty
And, still, when you were thirty
More, now you’re forty

Every birthday
And each anniversary
I love you e’en more

I am so grateful
To have you as companion
For this journey of life


Barry K. Wilde said…
You can never go wrong with poetry. I am a free verser.

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