current bike crush: Dynamic Runabout

Before Pinterest existed, I had (and still have) this place, the Umblog to post pictures of bikes I want. Look under the biking category. Here's one, the Dynamic step-through Runabout Easy Step 7. I like that it uses a drive shaft instead of a chain and that it's sold from Bristol, Rhode Island, not that far from me. BTW, this is not a women's bike, it's a "step through" for people who don't feel the need to swing a leg to prove their masculinity.

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Joe K said…
The front suspension and the drive shaft looks cool and disk brakes would have been a nice add on. I guess I guess I am out of touch with current trend since I am assuming that frame style no longer presumed rider gender?
John Umland said…
disc brakes are available on their road bikes. step through is now for old men like myself.

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