Reproducing Preachers

While walking the dog I got to thinking about how to reproduce preachers for growing churches. I've written before about my alternative to video campuses. But I started to think about how to teach preaching. Lately, I've changed the three questions in my simple high school Bible discussion group from What do you like? don't like? learn about God? to the questions used by Cityteam in their successful organic church plants in Africa; What do you learn about God? What do you learn about humanity? What is God telling you to do in this passage?

I'm wondering if preaching is modeled on these questions, the focus of the congregation is kept on the text, and eloquence is not required. Read the passage. Observe the answers in the text to question 1. Then observe the answers in the text to question 2. Then list some of the options for question 3 as homework. This simple format not only empowers developing preachers, but also empowers congregants to apply a simple, but profound, approach for self-study. For the reproducing church that eschews video, this technique united with the preachers' group study as preparation, enlarges the pool of spiritually qualified people beyond those who are also eloquent.

Is anyone doing this already in a network bigger than home churches or cafe churches?


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