9/11 and "never forget" and "forgive us our sins"

It's no big insight to point out that many Christians seem to honor their country before their God, even when we believe we are honoring God and country at the same time. On the 11th anniversary of the al Queda attacks by passenger jet in the US I saw many postings in my Facebook network with pictures of the twin towers in NYC and the proclamation to "Never Forget." There was no difference in the postings between patriotic believers and unbelievers. This was not a scientifically rigorous observation, but all I've been looking for is a picture of the twin towers and a quote from Jesus, "forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who sinned against us."Unforgiveness is extremely expensive, not just in the cost to our nation to invade and occupy Afghanistan, but also to our souls. The twin towers were picked by bin Laden not as much for the loss of life, but to damage our financial stability. Our unethical, greedy bankers were able to do that on their own, without his assistance, likewise, our hawkish political leaders, who preferred justice before forgiveness, ignoring the history of the occupations of Afghanistan, also assisted in our financial peril. With all the debt we are ringing up to seek justice on a partisan organization, we will surely "never forget."

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