Thoughts on 2 Kings, Day 13 of Lent 2013

Today, in my blitz Lenten Bible reading, I finished 2 Kings, and listened to the beginning of 1 Chronicles. The first 5 chapters of Chronicles is mostly genealogies  with an anecdote here or there. If you are committed to hearing every word of the Bible, then I highly recommend The Bible Experience from Inspired By...Media Group. The readers and the background sound effects keep my eyes from glazing over. My reading started withe the beginning of Solomon's reign and ended with most Israelites deported out of the country. It's not uplifting reading.

The historian blames the decline on idolatry. The northern kings went for it and never looked back. The southern kings turned a blind eye to Solomon's shrines, or supplemented them. Only one king knocked down all the idols, Hezekiah, 2 Kings 18. Lots of sons were punished for the sins of their fathers, who escaped punishment from God. The length of reign and amount of depravity had no correlation. Let me state this loud and clear.

The length of reign had no correlation to the level of depravity.

King Manasseh, in 2 Kings 21, Hezekiah's son, reigned 55 years, and was as wicked as any northern king, such as Ahab, mentioned yesterday.

When I reflect on this, I think;

  • That's why these Christian cults of personalities keep going, without divine intervention, no matter how bad the person is violoating his followers. 
  • God's patience is unfathomable, see 2 Peter 3:9
  • I don't need to fear God swatting me like a fly.
  • Justice comes slow, mercy comes quick.
  • Why am I the opposite when it comes to justice and mercy?

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