How to get Russia interested in your blog

I've written about Trump with his name in the blog title twice. Suddenly, I have more interest in my blog posts from Russia than I ever have. Here is a picture of my stats, courtesy of Google's Blogger platform, over the past week.
I am a very little guppy in the big pond of blogs and social media and I have never had Russia more than the lightest green on the stats map.

Why do Russians care about my blog? The CIA says they are so invested in Trump's victory that they leaked the DNC's emails but have kept the hacked RNC's, presumably for leverage. They filled comment fields with Trump trolls, making false assertions (blatantly lying) and overwhelming social media conversation with dis-information. Senator John McCain has called this digital meddling a form of war.

I turned off comments on my blog ages ago because of spam and trolls. Russia has become America's troll in chief to support Trump.

It's creepy that I am a repeat destination for Russia's webcrawlers.

I did not vote for this deplorable man. I did not ally with an oligarchy that seeks to remake America in its image, no longer the land of the free or the home of the brave.


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