If I were on Trump's evangelical advisory team

Not that I ever would be invited to be on this council of evangelical advisers, because of many reasons, I don't pastor a large wealthy church, I didn't endorse him, I don't flatter him by calling him God's chosen leader, and I'm not fundagelical anymore....but....if I was asked to serve, I'd consider it a Good Samaritan opportunity to help a deeply wounded enemy of mine who has little good will for me or my neighbors, especially brown skinned neighbors.

In the liturgy readings last week, I encountered again the obscure Hebrew prophet, Micaiah. King Ahab, a notorious Jewish king in the Hebrew scriptures, had a bunch of flattering court prophets who agreed with any plan he had and always told him god would support him. But this other Jewish king from the south wanted to hear from prophets from his school of theology. Ahab shrugged and was like, "yeah, I have one of those, but he's so negative, but sure I'll get him over here." Micaiah shows up and at first he's like, "Rah-rah, you guys will win." But Ahab's not having it and tells him to speak the truth, which, per usual, is negative, defeat awaits them. Ahab's court prophets freak out and hit him. Ahab freaks out and jails him. Then he goes to battle and loses. 1 Kings 22

If I were invited to the Trump faith council, Micaiah would be my role model. I wouldn't quit the council, I would wear out my welcome, focusing on love of neighbor, constantly pointing out that all the people in the world are neighbors, the brown folks, the Muslim folks, the women folk, the Spanish speaking folk, the Puerto Rican folk and the North Korean folk.

from Wired

One way to help folk in Puerto Rico is through the churches that are already networked down here. This is one place to donate, Episcopal Relief.


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