Thank you George Bush and colleagues

Dear President Bush, Congress, and financial supporters

I want to thank you for the economic stimulus you provided my family. I had a bad week last week as my 1997 Ford Crown Victoria was leaking antifreeze all over the place. Antifreeze is poisonous but really tasty to animals. I might have been responsible for the deaths of hundreds of pets across my county unintentionally, for which I am deeply sorry. It turns out I needed a new intake manifold, since mine was cracked, hence the leaking coolant and wholesale poisoning of the lovely countryside. The part alone ran $500. The labor to replace it would double that cost. The question I had to wrestle with was one of value.

I barely drive the car. I bike to work in most weather conditions daily. Should convenience cost that much? I already spent $500 on a new tie rod for the car and another $500 for brakes and drums. If you do the math, that equals the economic stimulus you gave us. Unfortunately, I don't feel stimulated.

I had become like the wealthy farmer, or rich fool, in one of the parables of Jesus, Luke 12:13. He too had come into a windfall and had it all spent on himself. I fantasized of applying that stimulus toward a company in England for a new commuter bike, actually a trike, called the Trice Q. But like the rich fool, something had to die. God didn't want to take me yet, but he struck down the car and the money was spent. Now I'm back to scrimping and saving and a 3 year plan instead of this summer. I could put it on a credit card and get it now. But that is foolish in my eyes, not unlike giving away money when you don't have any.

As I understand world economics, my government is borrowing to stimulate the country. Most of the borrowing is from China. What a weird world we live in. I guess they want us stimulated so we can go back to buying so many of their products. However, in my case, I enriched a local garage which keeps a few guys on their payroll for awhile longer.

I finally decided to pay for the repair because I don't really consider the car mine. I consider God's and I'm the steward of God's 1997 Ford Crown Victoria. I lend it to those who are having car troubles themselves, as well as our own family errands. I also figured if God wants his car repaired, he has the money. And he did and it's repaired. So thank you Lord for the car and for the repair.

Thank you Congress, President Bush and China for the money.


john umland
Southeastern Connecticut


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