Bad day

As I climbed up the mile long bridge on my bike ride to work I worked through the Lord's Prayer, as is my habit, out loud. I asked the Lord to forgive us our sins, and I winced over my use of a really bad word early this morning. I woke up late. There was no milk for breakfast and my rice milk had run out too as I poured it into my cereal bowl. I had to quick change and drive to a convenient store for a gallon of milk. I hate driving right now, because the weather is great and my car's "check engine" light had come on. It needed coolant bad. I had none, yesterday. But before I could get to my car I had to overcome a new feature on my back door which locked us in. This is the door I spent an hour trying to fix over the weekend and made minimal improvement on. This morning it had the bonus feature of locking us inside and other s outside. As I fiddled with the door knob futilely, I swore. I went out the front door and unlocked the back door then drove down the road to the store. I bought the milk. At least that went smoothly. However, my car did not want to start. It turned over and over but wouldn't catch. I gassed it and it caught, but after I started to back out it stalled. This happened a couple more times. Finally, I revved it several times before I put it in drive. I decided that I don't care if my ankle recovery takes longer, I would be biking to work.

I got home and apologized to my wife for injuring her ears with my dirty word muttered in anger. I hoped that my bike wouldn't get a flat on my ride to work, although I was expecting it too. I prayed out loud and felt balanced emotionally and spiritually again. The weather is perfect. The sun is shining. My ankle isn't hurting too bad. I suffered a tempest in a teapot. And I acted like I was in a real tempest. But I have siblings in Christ who have suffered a real tempest, the cyclone in Burma. When I asked the Lord to give us our daily bread, for me I needed spiritual food, but they need real food. The link also enables us to donate to an agency with native missionaries on the ground and able to help. Also, I've been following Elden's family trial at his blog. Almost all cyclists with internet access read Eldens blog for uproariously funny self-deprecating bike stories, but last week he shared with us that his wife's cancer has infiltrated her brain. The doctor told them the tumors were like dandelion seeds blown inside her skull.

My life is blessed. I didn't have a bad day. I had an inconvenient morning. I am called to be a conduit of God's love to the world, not a fount of filth and selfishness. Lord help me.


Janet Rubin said…
The first section of this post is a really sad story.

Then a hint of perspective. We all need that, and there's plenty to be had if we look past our borders (church borders, family borders, American borders...). We are BLESSED. Your wife is blessed! No one has ever apologized for injuring MY ears:)

Regarding travel and saving money...I think it's time for us to open CC of Waterford or New London.
Anonymous said…
great stuff. I lose my cool way too often.

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