confounding child molesters online

Sadly, not a week goes by that someone arrives at my blog searching for topics such as "6 y. o. sex" or "pro child sex" or worse. It is dreadful. They come here because of a post I did on a 6 year old girl rescued from the sex trade in Cambodia. I'm glad perverts are briefly confronted with the tragedy of their sin when they arrive at my blog. I doubt it helps them much though. I do want to note, again, that the International Justice Mission is an organization trying to rescue those enslaved in the sex trade and are worth your support.

However, I have a crazy idea about confounding the search for perversion. If those of us with blogs included such awful key words in blog posts but with pointers to the tragedy suffered by children and the hope offered by organizations such as IJM perhaps we can confound those seeking such depravity. Let me know if you do it with a comment here.


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