Understanding the Bible Gayle Erwin's way

Gayle Erwin is a traveling Bible teacher who really grasps grace. His style is humorous and profound. He has really influenced me as a teacher. This method of preparation for teaching from his latest newsletter is a gift. I encourage all to read the jokes and the teaching at the newsletter then listen to his streaming broadcasts (or watch video) as well as purchase his book, The Jesus Style.

Sometimes I tell an audience that I wish they could see the Bible through my eyes. It would truly come alive. I try to put myself in a passage, become a character there or an observing bystander, look around and think of what I might be seeing and what might have led up to the event recorded.

Then I ask what the event or passage tells me about God, about his character, about his actions. Next, I ask what the passage tells me about myself, my character, my actions and thoughts. Finally, I ask what action the passage urges or commands me to take or what warnings of actions to avoid.

Once I have begun to make those interpretations, I run that through what I call The Nature of Jesus list to make sure it does not violate that nature. The written Word must never violate the Living Word. Jesus was the fulfillment and not the alternative. If my interpretation violates his Nature, then I know I cannot teach or act on it.

That system can be applied to my actions and thoughts with great effectiveness.

Two years ago I copied and posted his contract with God for our edification.


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