live blogging the VP debate

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Here are my notes as I listened on the radio, which leaves me less engaged and easily distracted so these notes are far from complete

john's notes on the VP debate:

Biden makes the case that deregulation is the issue and identified McCain as supporting deregulation and Obama warning against it 2 years ago

Palin on taxes. Reduce government. (is that another way to say deregulation?)

Biden points out McCain voting the same way as Obama.

Palin talks straight to the people. She lowered taxes.

Biden says it's fair to raise taxes on those who make over a quarter million. 95% of Americans will get tax break under Obama's plan. Palin counters that the tax burden under Obama shifts to businesses who won't be able to afford employees. Obama proposes a trillion dollars in new expenses. McCain health care plan is budget neutral.

Biden, redistribution is fairness.

Palin had to rein in the oil companies as governor. Obama voted for oil company tax breaks

Biden says McCain voted against separating the tax break bill from the alternative energy bill

Palin stays on her talking points. but she does it in a stilted way. let's get energy independent.

Ifill channels Katie Couric and asks Palin about global warming and its cause. Palin doesn't deem the assignment of blame a useful avenue to pursue, but thinks we need to get energy independent.
Biden says it is manmade so we should invest in clean coal and building more nuclear power plants and wonders why McCain votes against alternative energy

Palin says drilling is essential to energy independence. accuses Biden and Obama of opposing drilling and calling it "raping" the continental shelf and wonders about Biden's opposition to clean coal on a rope line

i can't believe McCain is for capping carbon emissions

Biden supports giving same sex couples equal rights as married couples. Palin opposes a further erosion of the distinction of the traditional definition of marriage. but Biden does not support gay marriage, nor does Obama.

Palin accuses the Obama Iraq of being a "white flag of surrender"

everyone loves Israel

Palin doesn't want to talk about Bush, no guilt by being Republican

Biden says the "past is prologue" and claims McCain has not distinguished his policies from Bush's

Palin slams Biden's characterization of American policy in Afghanistan. Biden quotes commander in Afghanistan who says an Iraqi-style surge won't work in Afghanistan.

Biden admits he was the first to propose intervention in Bosnia...he predicted 10 years in Iraq and billions of dollars...but he thinks perhaps the country should intervene into Darfur...Palin thinks Sudan could be influenced by disinvestments

Palin says McCain knows how to win a war

how would a Biden administration differ if the need so difference and restates the planks of Obama's campaign
if Palin had to step up...has disagreements with McCain over ANWR...but agrees with his vision to root out corruption...wants to restore Main Street Wasilla views to Washington, D.C. ....Biden wants to bring the views from his neighborhood Home Depot, where he spends a lot of time, who don't think Bush did anything for them nor will McCain..."doggone it there you go again Joe," so Palin channels Reagan...

what is the role of the vice president? Biden says its not what Dick Cheney did with that office

Biden pulls the old interview trick, his biggest weakness is his "passion"

Biden shoots down the Maverick.

When have you switched positions?
Biden wants to know a judicial nominee's philosophy now
Palin compromised on tax cuts but never in her philosophy

Can you change the tone in D.C.?
Biden doesn't question people's motives just their judgments
Palin counts as friends anyone who joins her in working for the greater good

Palin concludes that she enjoys talking directly to Americans without the filter of the Mainstream Media© then proceeded to hit the McCain talking points
Biden concludes with a "May God Bless you and our troops"

conclusion: Biden prevails

update 1: apparently i fell for Biden's strong assertions of facts that weren't facts.

update 2: great parody from SNL


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