Why I can't vote for the Constitution Party

I'm glad they are strongly pro-life but if they accept endorsements from groups and people unlike Ron Paul but like certain hood wearing fellows of the past then I can't vote for them. One group endorsing the Constitution Party believes
While we come from every class and creed, we are united in our pursuit of European American interests including freedom, genetic continuity, social justice, economic nationalism and environmental protection.
You have got to be kidding me if they are not ashamed of pursuit of "genetic continuity". The group is called European Americans United. No link for them. I'm German, Irish, Jewish and Cherokee. The last two come from the Arkansas branch of the family.

Also, some of the CP platform is nutty. Nuttiness is OK, but racism isn't. Did Obama reject the Nation of Islam's endorsement? I honestly don't remember.

Now who will I vote for? Maybe I'll write in Huckabee. He was also guilty of idiotic racist gaffes.



Joe said…
I don't know about racism, but the best reason to stay away from Constitution Party and all other minor party candidates is that they cannot win and can only help take away votes from and defeat Republican candidates. This will put more abortionist Democrats in power and make it harder to stop the killing of unborn children.

Let me repeat that: voting for Constitution Party candidates helps make it harder to stop the killing of unborn children. Please stay away from the Constitution Party. Please vote only for Republicans, despite their many weaknesses, as being the only realistic alternative to the Democratic Party's immorality and inhumanity.
Anonymous said…
Hey. Maybe you might feel better about me voting for the constitution party when you realize that McCain was never going to get my vote. Until a Christian brother talk to me I was going to vote for Obama. I am democrat but I vote republican when they give me a candidate I want. I wanted Huckabee. Well, accually I wanted Condaleeza Rice (She would have beat Hillaray and Barak) but they pick this McCain and he picked this Palin. Who I do like but feel like it was a slap in the face to a few other republican women who should have been in line for such a position well before her. So until I found out that Barak would sign the H.R. 7 something or another bill which landed two grandmoms in jail for preaching the gospel in Philadelphia and would put my pastor in jail, he was going to get my vote. I am only republican on life and marriage. And McCain was not satifactory so I went to my other issues like war. But now my vote will go to the constitution party. IF the republicans wanted my vote they should have pick a better candidate and running mate.
John Umland said…
Dear anonymous
we like when you leave your name. McCain is definitely not a complete pro-life candidate, but i'll take any restrictions or judges i can get.
God is good

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