Folded Homes

Haven't come across new yurt designs in awhile, until today. Folded Homes offers small single or double walled plastic yurts with windows and doors. Their answer to space needs are connect another yurt. At $1200 a yurt, its not the cheapest solution, but I like these as a way to occupy a remote piece of land. It's lightweight and easy to assemble. The double wall, which the owner fills with whatever insulation material at hand, addresses the noise concerns I have about yurts.

Update: See comment from company representative in the comments section...


Markus Robinson said…
Hello John, When you posted your blog, we had not yet gotten pricing for our single walled LiteYurts up on the website, but they are up now. Our Yurts were specifically developed for humanitarian and disaster relief applications. That is a domain which is extremely price sensitive. At volume, our single-walled LiteYurts are available for less than $400, about the price of an equivalent refugee tent. The double-walled TekYurts and UtiYurts are more expensive but they too come down in price when bought in volume. Their pricing reflects the fact that there is more than twice as much extruded plastic in the double-walled versions. What is cool about them however, is that their 3-inch thick walls and roof can be insulated with any locally available biomass, making them true four-season structures.
John Umland said…
Thanks so much for stopping by Markus. I will update the post with your information. Having just been to Haiti in disaster zones, I could see the benefit of something more rain proof than a tent.
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