blogs I commented on March 09 week 1

It was really nice in Haiti. I liked being disconnected from the news and the blogs. When I came home I went to google reader and told it that all 1,000 unread blogs were officially read. Surprisingly, life continued without difficulty.

But now I'm back in the US where I blog and read blogs and sometimes comment on blogs. My friend Justin McRoberts posted a funny video about how good we actually have things, despite our bad economy. I compared things here to life in Haiti. I also made a comment on a post of his about Christian T-shirts.

Jill in Alaska couldn't finish the Iditarod Race by bike this week because of frostbite and she fears she let her fans down.

My friend Phil has started a blog for those who live in houses that weren't built with concerns of oil prices or shame of drafts. He had a great series on to replace windows or not. Like many of us, he'd love super windows, a post I inquired further about. I think his message could be summarized with the lyric, "If you can't be with the one you love, love the one your with."

My comments are always moderated at Queermergent, a blog for gay believers. John Starke, I presume, had the same experience. So he wrote as compassionate letter as he could asking Adele to reconsider her decisions. Comments at his blog are not allowed, only emails. So I did write him and complimented his effort.

Someone smarter than me, Rick Brannon, shares complaints about assertion of Greek grammar categories. I think, like him, that language is not binary. It's complicated.


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