blogs I commented on March 09 week 2

Tony Jones calls the creation account true but not factual and thinks Paul's understanding of original sin and its transmission from Adam to us is corrupted by the confusion of true and factual. He sure acts like a typical liberal Princeton seminarian. He keeps getting hung up on the issue that somehow Adam's curse messed up his genetics which would explain original sin, and since no one has found the Sin gene, Original Sin must be an archetype, whatever that is, and not a reality. I responded You seem hung up on a materialist explanation of the transmission of sin from Adam. Perhaps we inherit some of our parents' spritual essences as well. However, it does seem mysterious, but why should mystery prevent us from accepting plain doctrine?
Thanks to Mike Wittmer for the heads up and brief analysis.

Justin McRoberts reflected on the complaints of a wealthy man.

Michael Patton at Parchment and Pen makes a bailout proposal for the American evangelical church before it goes bankrupt and I added a simple thought, we need to be intentional in our disciple making both formally and informally. While in moderation limbo, this is what I wrote.


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