Blogs I commented on this week April 11th

Pastor Lance at Blaque Tulip offers on the ground assessment of the negative effects of prosperity theology in Kenya.

The Fat Cyclist tells a good bike crash story as a Mormon missionary in Finland, which reminded me of the good day when I saw that special bus in Turku which belonged to John's Turistfart.

The Homesteading Neophyte is thinking of building a strawbale home on their farmstead. Cool.

Newspaper Rock
celebrates Brown University's de-recognition of Columbus Day. They are calling it "Fall Weekend." How about Carib Nations Day?

I thanked Koinonia blog for setting me straight on the Good Thursday theory.

Joe jots down Satan's party invitation after the crucifixion.

I have affection for tiny houses. Mine is 1000 s.f. I also like DIY houses and low cost houses. I really like the free plans and concepts at Earthbag House Plans. This latest one impressed me.

I also received comments this week.

anonymous tells some of her story about being a Christian who suffered from domestic violence in two marriages at my post pointing to resources for those in such an awful situation.

My friend, Geoff of the Providence Granola Project, wished I had received some discipline in my past.

My wife, the Smart Mom, contends I did sin.


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