The process of Jesus in confronting sin

This post would fall under the title excursus of the excursus from yesterday regarding church discipline and Matthew 18:15-22. I think Jesus's process is brilliant, but of course it is, he's God. Here is why...

Suppose a brother in the church rebukes me for farting in church. I rebuff his rebuke and tell him that I'm not sinning. So the guy decides to pursue this issue with me and rounds up a couple other brothers, but no sisters, to address my issues. As they listen to him confront me they start laughing. Their guffaws establish that this isn't a sin issue. Then the matter is sealed as someone rips one while laughing. With two or three witnesses the matter gets established. The accuser should abide by the agreement of the witnesses, even if he doesn't like it, in the same way he expected the offender, me, to agree. He should not, afterwards, round up three women who may be more sympathetic to his appeal. Nor should he stab me with a knife like this guy did to his room mate. Jesus does not allow for double jeopardy. I think prepping the witnesses might not be ethical either, which, if done, should result in a counter-rebuke.

Jesus is brilliant because his process keeps the focus on the big offenses and off the little ones.


Smart Mom said…
But passing gas in church IS a sin.

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