campground review: Woodmore Campground, Rindge, NH

This is the 2nd year we stayed at the Woodmore Campground in the Monandnock Region of southwestern New Hampshire. We originally picked this campground for it's policy of allowing pets. We brought our dog, Honey, last year. But, she is such a protective herd dog, she can't let any human or dog near our site without her alarm. Her approach to life can be summed up in this haiku.
I sound the alarm.
That guy comes to kill us all.
Look! Look! Look! Look! Look!

She's actually a terrible watchdog when none of the family are around. She only feels on duty if she can see us. We also learned the hard way that dogs are not allowed at Monadnock State Park, the most hiked mountain in the world. We took her to Pack Monadnock in Miller State Park instead.

Mt. Monadnock from Pack MonadnockImage by boatapple via Flickr

This year, I really wanted to hike Monadnock, so we kenneled Honey but returned to Woodmore. We are mid-week campers when the crowds are light and the owners are not frazzled and the pool is not crowded.

The campground caters to seasonal campers in their luxurious 5th wheels. However, there are several tent/pop-up sites for us plebeians near the lake. A few sites right on the lake are considered rustic and have no electricity or water. We didn't get one of those. But we were happy with our services. We also were put opposite the bath and shower house, which I feared would be really noisy. However, the owners in great springs on the doors so there was no door slamming to disturb our time. The pool is small, but nice, except when small children lose bowel control and parents don't take care of it. The playground is great. We rented a canoe and had a fantastic paddle out to a small island recommended by the staff where we pulled up and swam. I recommend renting for more than one hour. The lake is bigger than you can see from Woodmore's dock. The camp store is well stocked, but if you still can't find what you need, there are several large and small grocers within a couple miles. As always, I recommend bringing ear plugs. If birds don't wake you up, a screaming child in a nearby site might, especially when they want to play at 6:30 in the morning, or a dog trying to scare off chipmunks.

My only complaint with the facility are the attack trees. One bit the rear of my car this year. good thing the camp site was affordable, because this repair won't be.

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sandro said…
The place is OK but the owner Sam is a jerk. One morning he came by and yelled "I'm gonna get your group" and ran off. We were dumbfounded. He came back an hour and talked to the site across the way. The old man there proceeded to give me a death stare for the next two hours. The owner came over to us screaming that he should kick us out for the noise we made. We told him that we had stopped all noise just before 11 when he had asked us. The funny thing is the guy playing guitar came from the site that complained. Also, we made friends with all the other surrounding sites and we were all together playing music all night. I guess because we're not local regulars he decided to single us out and exercise his power trip. Its also funny that there was a huge VIetnamese group next to us with a PA system that had played very loud music and karaoke late into the night the previous night and did the same until 2 or 3 am the following night. I walked up to the owner later and calmly apologized and told him we'll do anything to make sure he doesn't have to worry and its his place so we'll follow his rules. He gave me a dirty look and stormed off. That's what you get for trying to be nice to an asshole.

The place is crowded. The restrooms were disgusting.
sandro said…
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John Umland said…
sorry to hear about that. my experience is that all campgrounds are loud past quiet time so I bring earplugs.
God is good
Robert Van Valzah said…
I would also like to say that the owner of woodmore campground is n ot a very nice person. The campground is very loud and they dont clean the restrooms. Thats if you can fit in them to use them. Everything you own gets covered in pine pitch also. I would recommend staying somewhere else. They are very nice when they are taking your money but after that, may god help you!!!!

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