one video from my Haiti trip, Feb 2010

This footage was taken by Pastor George Small of Horizon Christian Fellowship in Fitchburg, Mass. He took a lot of footage. I'm impressed by how he was able to distill the essentials down to 10 minutes.

If you can sponsor a Haitian child for $30 a month through Mission E4, please contact them at


Emano said…
Thank you for this video and your posts about your trip. My husband and daughter were with Mission E4 during the earthquake; I was in Haiti with ME4 in 2008 and was in that school and orphanage in Leogane. Although it is sad to see the destruction, it is heartening to see the work that you all were able to accomplish.
John Umland said…
You are welcome. I've been able to give several presentations from this trip and keep awareness high in people's minds.
God is good

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