Weekend of prayer and repentance in Haiti

This was starting the day I left Haiti on February 12th.

Haiti - "A Call To Fasting & Prayer" from anthony gehin on Vimeo.

It was in the place of the Carnival. I left Haiti last year during Fat Tuesday. It was crazy then. It was a different kind of crazy, a holy crazy this year. I hope God continues the revival of this land.

The earthquake in Chile is crazy to me. I've been to Santiago, Chile. It was my first trip to another continent. It was 1993 and my first flight in a Boeing 787, but we landed at such a small airport, but in the country's capital city. Now another country I've been to, where I saw God at work, has been hit by a huge earthquake. There was also one in Japan and one off the coast of Argentina yesterday. I pray these countries also, though more prepared for such acts of nature and not facing as much loss of lives, will, like Haiti, turn to Jesus.

Here is a short video of Jesus time in a tent hospital, courtesy of the Livesay blog. These people lack so much materially, but they have something so much richer spiritually. Being so close to death, they understand life so much better because they know Jesus.

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