slave, son, friend

"Don't get your car repaired there." Those words carry different weights depending on who utters them. If a stranger tells me this, I might file that away in my memory. If my co-worker tells you this, I might heed it. If my good friend tells me this, I'll trust him. If my brother tells me this, I wouldn't doubt him. If my dad tells me this, I'd want more details. If my boss tells me this, I'd respectfully nod.

Sometimes, when temptation comes my way, I hear the Holy Spirit instruct me. Sometimes I receive it as a slave, and act resentfully, whether I obey or not. Sometimes I receive it as a son, and ask God why and spend a great deal of time whining. But I forget that Jesus calls me his friend, John 15:15. My friend and old college roommate, Geoff, still gets me to do things I would otherwise not consider or try. But if Geoff wants me to try something with him, I usually will give him the benefit of the doubt and join him. I think my choices might be simpler if I understood God in the more complete way that he gives, not just Lord (Master) or Father, but also as Friend.


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