How come Jesus doesn't define what is manly for pastors like Driscoll?

This rant has been pent up for a week or so, since Driscoll came out with this taunt on Facebook, since pulled down.
So, what story do you have about the most effeminate anatomically male worship leader you've ever personally witnessed?
My first response is, "what a #%&*." But Rachel Held Evans was more polite and simply called him a bully. For some reason, someone like Anthony Bradley, of all people attacked her for libeling Driscoll in the comments and in an article in World Mag. Why would one Christian defend the "right" of another to pile on a third Christian who doesn't look like them, especially when brother one spends so a great deal of effort explaining the american black experience to clueless white americans? Driscoll admitted his elder board called him out on it and confessed he "erred." But that's not a confession if he doesn't tell us what his error was. Part of his error could be his endorsement of violent cage matches in the MMA, something Tony Jones could not find more ironic. I love irony, thanks Tony. But Driscoll, according to a former MMA fighter, Matt Morin, could not understand MMA less than he proclaims.
And perhaps this is the main reason that I bristle when Driscoll begins to opine on MMA, because he is the type of fan that fighters despise. If you go to any live event, you will know why: the fans are there for blood. Well, more accurately, they are there to get drunk, whistle at ring-card girls, and bullshit about why they would fight if some circumstance outside of their control were different. But mainly, they are there to see blood. If you can count on fans yelling anything during a fight, it is the cry, “Elbow him! Elbow him!” An elbow that is delivered properly can be much more destructive than a fist. One well-timed elbow can end a fight—or a career. By their cries, many fans make it clear that they are there for one reason: to see someone get hurt.

Fighters regard these types of fans as—to borrow a term from the armed services—chickenhawks. A chickenhawk is a person who endorses war with all the belligerent bellowing of a drill sergeant, yet when the time comes to enlist, they are nowhere to be seen. So the MMA churches and their MMA pastors can rail all they want against the “fat, lazy” men who critique MMA, but I, as a former fighter, have a great deal more respect for the person who is willing to interrogate my sport for the well-being of its participants than one who, from an equally distanced vantage point, deceives himself into thinking that he is a fighter and speaks so self-assuredly about what MMA is.

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) This author has left the sport and entered the ministry before the sport destroyed his body and mind. Driscoll seems to hold up these guys as role models, but I just read in the same Bible he reads,
Do not envy violent people; don't copy their ways Proverbs 3:31. I'm not sure how punching and kicking someone until they submit is a role model for those who follow Jesus. Driscoll likes to point to David, a warrior who fought to defend his nation, for his life and those of his people, not for amusement. Contrary to Driscoll, Jesus tells us to turn the other cheek when we are struck by the evil person and not resist him, Matthew 5:39.

But Driscoll wants his church to make fun of the guy who does not have the genetics nor interest in getting buff nor dressing in the legalistic way Driscoll considers spiritual. Now every worship leader in Driscoll's network has to burn their skinny jeans and worry about being considered sub-spiritual because of their wardrobe or haircut or hipster glasses. That is not pointing to Jesus, but to a law of man. Also, men whose sexual identity is broken, even though their self-control may not be, and don't conform to a man made rule, are at risk of rejection, perhaps removed from doing what they were gifted by God to do, leading others in glorifying God.

I thought Jesus cared about our hearts, not our clothes or styles. Driscoll is my age, and I figured he would have the same level of maturity about some of these things, but he doesn't. I felt slimy being a follower of his on facebook and his blog, so I had to purge him out of my FB and my feedreader.

The gnu-Calvinists keep getting themselves ejected from my limited reading time. Their lack of compassion in many areas leaves me ashamed and embarrassed. They are my family in Jesus, but I can't defend them sometimes. And they seem unable to confess it when it's in their faces. I'll simply go hang out in another room and look for honest sinners, the kind Jesus likes, instead of posers.
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