Why I defend President Obama...

I've developed this habit, when I'm included in the occasional email blast from friends and family who forward to everyone in their contact list the latest conspiracy, of looking up the claim at Snopes and replying all to the original message. I find the same person rarely includes me on the next e-mail blast, either because they decided to look first before forwarding or because they think I'm rude. Sometimes they will continue to forward something because the message says snopes has verified the conspiracy, which is usually not true.

Anyway, after I replied all in response to an email blast about no one in Obama's class at Columbia remembers him, I hit "reply all" with the findings at Snopes, the Columbia records. But the sender wants to know about my motives regarding my defense of Obama. He asks, and I thought I might as well answer here,


1) No, I strongly disagree with his position on abortion, which I consider feticide and cannot believe he considers persons of age, not legally defined "persons" with rights. The irony is thick there.
2) Nope to communism which has killed more people than any war has or any religion has. See my posts on Stalin and Mao and Pol Pot.
Socialism, on the other hand, has not resulted in those acts of genocide, but our country does benefit from socialist policies such as foodstamps/WIC, medical for veterans, medical for poor children, Medicaid and Medicare. Those were created in response to our society's angst over the apparent immorality of leaving the invalid and aged without a safety net for their suffering. The angst was justified because voluntary organizations alone were not able to meet the need.
3) Nope. He did tell me to give what I have to those who ask and more. I do not believe that he made an exception if the government asks me for my coat, then I can decline, or if it asks me to go a mile, then I can tell it to get off my property. See Matthew 5:40-41.
4) That's complicated. Jesus tells us to give to Ceasar's what is Ceasar's, while he is holding up a Roman coin, and to God what is God's. See Mark 12:17. When I'm holding twenties in my hand, and Obama asks for some of them back, according to Jesus, I need to fork them over. I also need to give God what he commands, which includes assistance to my Christian family in need as well as those who are just in need. So I believe in charity, which is voluntary and a form of worship, but has the same effect of socialism, help for those who need it, which Jesus assumes we will be doing. See Matthew 6:3 and Matthew 7:12.
5) Nope. I disagree with many of the few things I know about him.
6) Nope, unless there is some outrageous article that lights up the blogosphere.

But I will try to give Wallis the benefit of the doubt. I also will try to give President Obama the same benefit. Jesus tells us to love our neighbor as ourselves. See Matthew 5:23. Both men are my distant neighbors. He also tells us to love our enemies. See Matthew 5:44.

If someone wanted to build a case that I never went to Gordon College for a year, the conspiracy would be easy to make. I'm not in touch with any of those kids I was friends with then. I could try to find my transcript, but I'm under no obligation to share it, nor was Obama. If we truly value our right to privacy as Americans, why seek to deny that right to our citizen leader, elected by our fellow citizens? Let's treat him the way we want to be treated. Since I like when others come to my defense when I'm slandered or falsely accused, I can do that for others, including Barack Obama. However, if you want to complain about his support of feticide, I will join you in that loud chorus.


I am glad that you have clarified my concerns Brother. Your Answers were forthright, clear and not evasive. However, I slightly disagree with just a few points....If you would allow me to respond!

ALL Socialist Countries over time become more and more Totalitarian, more Communistic, Bigger Government, Lesser Freedoms and a DEPENDENCE ADDICTION that leads to the current country of GREECE type scenarios, for one of many Examples.

NOWHERE in our Constitution is our Republic Form of Judeo-Christian Constitution is Government Authorized to do WELFARE and etc. This JOB belongs to the CHURCH ALONE, to ALL RELIGIONS to PRACTICE their Faith (if their faith teaches to help the poor etc). Government was attempting to usurp that which GOD has ordained to be done thru the CHURCH ONLY. An example in the Old Testament is when A KING (Government) attempted to METTLE into the PRIESTS GOD-ORDAINED AFFAIRS and DUTIES, by offering a Sacrifice, that GOD struck that King Dead. I can not remember the Name of that King or Priest, but anyone can find it with a little search.

Another Story is the one of KING SAUL deciding to NOT WAIT for the PROPHET/PRIEST Samuel to come and offer THE SACRIFICE. Samuel strongly instructed King Saul to WAIT UNTIL I ARRIVE and I Will offer the Sacrifice. King Saul took it upon Himself to OFFER the SACRIFICE of that which ONLY THE PRIESTS were ORDAINED of God to Offer, NOT THE KING (Government). As a Result of King Saul's Disobedience, GOD RIPPED His Kingdom away from King Saul and would NOT RETURN it to KING SAUL, even though He sought it with TEARS and REPENTANCE.....

Governments Duties according to the Bible and our CONSTITUTION is ROMANS 13....

God in His WORD and in our CONSTITUTION have made a CLEAR LINE in the SAND as far as GIVING WHEN ASKED. Jesus told us to "Give unto Caesars WHAT IS CAESARS", nothing more! We are commanded to NOT GIVE WHATEVER GOVERNMENT ASKS, but to GIVE UNTO THEM THAT WHICH IS THEIRS or DUE TO THEM

Rom 13:7 Render to all their DUES: tribute to whom tribute is DUE; custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honor to whom honor.

The purpose of taxation in the Bible and our Constitution to to support Constitutional Functions of Government. It is the INDIVIDUAL CITIZENS JOB to CARE FOR HIS OWN and for Christians to HELP THE POOR, not the LAZY, and to help WIDOWS and ORPHANS in their Distress. There is NOT ONE EXAMPLE in the Bible or in AMERICAN HISTORY that GOD instructed ANY GOVERNMENT to CARE for the POOR and NEEDY, but the Bible is REPLEAT with thousands of Scriptures for INDIVIDUALS through their TITHES and OFFERINGS to help the Poor and Needy.

Herein lies the Problem with the CHRISTIAN BODY OF CHRIST today. We have ABROGATED our clear Duties to care for the Poor & Needy and LOOK to the GOVERNMENT rather than the Bible/God to help the poor, needy and to solve problems Government has no business doing!

Jim Wallis Teaches that JESUS was a SOCIALIST and COMMUNIST and teaches a COLLECTIVE SALVATION (false gospel) of which OBAMA also believes.

There is a Good Scriptural Reason for the 1st AMENDMENT, preventing GOVERNMENT from being involved with the DUTIES and INSTRUCTIONS of RELIGION, but Religion is FREE to PRACTICE what they believe in PUBLIC without fear of Retribution from the Government and/or Government intrusion.

Thanks for listening Brother John.....luv the Blog!
John Umland said…
Thanks for the blog love James. I don't know if you have tried to only give the government what you think they are due, but those who have usually end up in jail for tax evasion. As long as one is willing to deal with those consequences, so be it. And in jail one can benefit from socialism, free shelter, food, and health care at the tax payers expense. In fact, it's more expensive to house a prisoner than it is to give free college educations to lazy bums.
God is good
Since you don't know Brother John if I ever have only paid what I THINK is DUE to Governing Authorities....
the Answer is NO.


The Law stipulates, as well as scripture, that WE are under NO DUTY to PAY MORE than is required or DUE.

There is a Difference between TAX EVASION (illegal) and TAX AVOIDANCE (legal). The more serious PROBLEM here in America is NOT that Americans are not paying their Fair-Share and/or only paying WHAT THEY THINK IS DUE, but Government Officials COLLECTING MORE than they are do, DOING VIOLENCE to their Citizens for NOT PAYING that which IS NOT DUE or LEGALLY REQUIRED and Implementing TAXES beyond the purview and scope of our Laws!

This Big-Brother-Bully-Greedy Government problem has always been way more surmountable than Citizens trying to get over. Even in Jesus day, the problem of VIOLENT TAX-COLLECTORS motivated by GREED with the POWER given to them to collect taxes and COLLECTING more than was DUE by Law existed....so much so, GOD the Holt-Spirit saw to it that this PROBLEM was addressed in Scripture!

Luk 3:11 He answered them, "The person (not the government, but the individual)who has two coats must share with the one who doesn't have any, and the person (not the Government) who has food must do the same."
Luk 3:12 Even some TAX-COLLECTORS came to be baptized. They asked him, "Teacher, what should we do?"
Luk 3:13 He told them, "Stop collecting more money than the amount you are told to collect."
Luk 3:14 Even some soldiers (IRS-Tax-Collecting Arm of their day)were asking him, "And what should we do?" He told them, "Never extort money from anyone by threats or blackmail, and be satisfied (not greedy) with your pay."

Notice Brother John that the GIVING OF YOUR COAT command is two-fold.

1) YOU the Individual, are to GIVE TO HIM WHO DOES NOT HAVE.

2) It says to GIVE ONLY if you have 2-COATS or EXTRA to give. We are never commanded to give what we do not have!

Notice the WORD in verse 11, John the Baptist does not instruct the Government-Tax-Collector to do the Giving, but the Individuals.

Then in verse 12 the TAX-COLLECTORS say, WHAT ABOUT US? WHAT SHOULD WE DO? John did not say, "TAKE EXTRA-TAX BY FORCE & GIVE IT TO THE POOR", but John REBUKES THEM to NOT COLLECT MORE THAN IS DUE and to STOP DOING VIOLENCE in the carrying out of your duties!

Finally, If WE as INDIVIDUALS do not have EXTRA to give to the Poor of our Community, but want to help, WE CAN COLLECTIVELY help the POOR through the GOD-ORDAINED Institution of the Church, by the Tithes and Offerings collected ..... Hello???

We are also to be wise in giving! The Government can not BE AS WISE as INDIVIDUALS and/or through Church Funds....WHY? Because YOU and I as the INDIVIDUAL are going to MAKE SURE that the one receiving the assistance offered, ACTUALLY NEEDS the Help and make sure the resources given, go to where they are needed, not to support some drug-alcohol habit.

I am surprised by the MANY HOMELESS PEOPLE I have encountered over the years, who refused a FREE DINNER at a RESTAURANT and WANTED the CASH instead. These Homeless People and/or some poor people DO NOT WANT HELP and WANT to be Drunks and Druggies....This is a SAD FACT. I have met FEW POOR and/or Homeless who went with me to the Restaurant and sit down to eat a meal. These Persons who accepted, were offered other assistance, like a place to stay, if they would ONLY CLEAN the Church Facility. Some were even offered Jobs

The Government WASTES sooooo much money in the name of Socialism /Helping the Poor because they are:
1) THE MIDDLE-MAN who always wants their cut (payment for services rendered)

2) They support the life-styles of Drug-Addicts and Alcoholics mostly unknowingly and some knowingly.

3) Fraud and Pilfering are RAMPANT in ALL GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS, especially SS and MEDICAID and MEDI-CARE, not to mention the NUMEROUS other wasteful programs in existence...and now...OBAMA-CARE

Taxes to support Government Functions is to be collected from FOREIGNERS, by DUTIES, IMPOST, EXPORTS and EXCISE TAXES, not from the CITIZENS (Matt 17:25-26), except temporarily for 2-years, to pay for WARS. Local Governments were to be by PROPERTY TAXES only!

ALL other Taxes that have arisen since the founding of our Nation, this Government has NO LAWFUL AUTHORITY to have IMPOSED SUCH, especially the PROGRESSIVE INCOME TAX

I hope you find this info helpful Brother John....
I also forgot to point out Brother John that there are MANY PERSONS on FREE-GOVERNMENT HOUSING called Section 8 and receiving Food-Stamps and Disability, because they DO NOT WANT TO WORK and are ABLE to WORK....

....I have met these persons at our JAIL MINISTRY and many who have become saved, have told me WHAT they used to do and HOW they did it.

There is a RAMPANT INNER-CITY WELFARE FRAUD going on in America. Healthy Persons using DEAD LOVED ONES SSN Numbers to recieve SSB or SSD or SSI and Food-Stamps, Section 8, Un-Employment and more!

Thousands of People through Tax-Payer Funded Programs and/or EMPLOYEES were convicted of SUCH FRAUD and received Prison Sentences. See below:

1) http://www.mlive.com/news/muskegon/index.ssf/2009/09/more_charged_in_social_securit.html

2) http://www.heraldnet.com/article/20110712/NEWS02/707129801

3) http://www.nytimes.com/2008/10/24/business/24disability.html

4) http://blog.oregonlive.com/breakingnews/2007/05/vancouver_woman_sentenced_in_s.html

5) http://www.socialsecuritydisability.tv/blog/social-security-fraud-rising

REDISTRIBUTION of the Wealth and/or SPENDING other People's Money breeds GREED, FRAUD, UN-ACCOUNTABILITY, WASTE and un-told BILLIONS per-year!

I said ALL that to say this. The BIBLE says that IF A MAN DOES NOT WORK, HE SHOULD NOT EAT. When WE Christians support Redistribution, Socialistic type Laws and Programs, WE ARE FEEDING THOSE and SUPPORTING THOSE who do not want to work and this IS A SIN in God's Eyes.

This is yet another reason of many, WHY GOVERNMENTS were NEVER ORDAINED by GOD in Scripture, or in this Country, to BE THE STORE-HOUSE....to Care for the Poor! WE THE INDIVIDUAL PEOPLE of these united states of America and the CHURCHES we belong to....ARE THE STORE-HOUSES, not the Government. It does not work, it is not blessed of God and it produces little to none good, and cost tax-payers at least 100-times more than if we simply obeyed God Instructions on Giving to the Poor!

That's Gospel Brother John!!

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