i'm pretty sure cars are different from guns

In the ongoing internet debates in America about gun control, gun ownership advocates frequently like to compare gun owners to car owners. The common factor being that cars are just as capable as killing people as guns are. However, assault rifles and high capacity magazines and pistols are designed exclusively to kill humans. Cars are designed to protect humans, airbags and such. Other than the Ford Pinto, I don't know of any car designed exclusively for killing humans. In fact, car manufacturers do respond to complaints of deaths and injuries and will bend under pressure to improve their product. Gun manufacturers, however, despite technology to improve the safety of their products, do not. Even if James Bond makes it cool, by preventing  his own gun from being used against him in this summer's movie. In driving school, drivers are taught to avoid humans. At shooting ranges, life-size silhouettes of humans are optional targets, as well as faces of people. Not everyone uses these things, but there is a market for them. In my current environment, it is difficult to get by without a car. I do bicycle to work as often as I can, even in the winter, but I'm not car free, unlike some who live in more densely populated areas with good public transportation. I have friends in NYC who have never earned a driver's license, because they do not need a car. I do not need a gun. I do not want a gun in my house. This past summer, a father shot and killed someone he suspected was a burglar, who turned out to be his own son. Guns are unnecessarily dangerous outside the hands of those trained to use them in stressful situations, police and soldiers.

I'm a Christian. Worse, I'm of the evangelical, born-again stripe. For all it's warts though, I really like Jesus. I trust him. On his famous sermon on the mount he says, if someone wants to take my shirt, to give him my jacket as well. If someone strikes me on the cheek, I'm not to retaliate but offer the other one as well. He says I'm not to seek revenge, but leave that to God. I do believe in protecting my wife and children. I will use my puny fists of fury to do that. But I'll also support my police force, and the taxes necessary to enable them to do their jobs well. I will also support gun ownership restrictions. It works really well in other countries, even the godless ones of Europe and the south Pacific.
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