Top 10 UmBlog posts of 2012

This truly surprises me.

  1. an explanation of ferrocement house construction
  2. my book review of Terror by Night by Terry Caffey
  3. my book review of Rowling's newest book A Casual Vacancy
  4. building arched roofs without modern materials
  5. grain bin homes for Haitians
  6. a book review of the excellent Jesus: A Theography
  7. my hare-brained proposal about combining rammed earth with straw bales
  8. my excitement over a bike with a drive shaft, the Runabout
  9. my thoughts on this crazy article at Slate
  10. my proposal to drop the word "marriage" as a legal word
Only one of these topics is directly involved with my stated purpose of this blog. I'm glad people are reading my book reviews, since I like reading books. I'm glad people are interested in crazy house ideas. They've also become popular on my Pinterest page. I found more houses than I can blog about and put them there. The same is true of bicycles. I have several of them pinned as well. I also don't link to as many blog posts either. I do that on Twitter mostly. I don't do much on Facebook anymore. My tweets and blogs and pins automatically show up there. Some discussions do happen on my wall. I just wish they would happen here instead. All my links also show up on my google + page, but I only have two or three people who respond there, but like 300 random friends. It's like my old myspace page.

Happy New Year.


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