all these deaths - to what end?

World War 2 was started by agressive nations motivated in part by racial supremacy. Hitler told Germans and Austrians that they were the superior race of Aryans. He also used the European Jewish population as a scapegoat for all the ills they had brought on themselves when they lost WW1. The Japanese also considered themselves a superior race and saw a distinction between themselves and all other Asian people in China, Korea, and the Pacific islands. In Japan, anyone not Japanese was sub-human. In central Germany, anyone not "Aryan" was sub-human as well. The United States sent to the slaughter nearly 300,000 Americans to defeat these racist ideologies.

Ironically, the United States had its own racist ideologies to defeat within. Eighty years prior to WW2, over 200,000 Americans died in conflict over this very issue in the Civil War. Before and after that war, the US used genocidal means to eradicate it's own aboriginal population. A footnote in American history Hitler himself referred to justify the blood and soil program he implemented.

And now 60 years after WW2, white men and women in the US are openly advocating for blood and soil, appealing to Nazism, supported by a President who retweets racists and Jewish conspiracy theorists and keeps in his cabinet known white nationalists. Yet somehow, despite our history and loss of life to defeat Nazism and ignore the efforts of our own reformers such as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., these points of view are demanding to be part of our national conversation on immigration, integration, affirmative action, gender equality and minority rights?

No! That conversation ended 60 years ago. It's like letting flat earthers serve in NASA. We have moved on. Their free speech is ignorant speech and it's immoral speech. Groups such as the loosely aligned Antifa, stand against facism in the US. Groupls such as Black Lives Matter stand for African American rights and justice. White nationalists support everything for which the 'greatest generation' sacrificed so much. This conversation closed decades ago but its proponents are encouraged by the open ears in the White House.

People with small blogs like myself warned voters. And most voters chose against the Putin supported candidate. Now America reaps the whirlwind.


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