I thought all lives matter - don't be a sucker

In response to the meme #blacklivesmatter some white supremacists tried to counter with the meme #alllivesmatter. African Americans have consistently responded saying "black lives matter" does not contradict all lives matter but points to the problem of disproportionate human rights violations against people of African heritage. In other words all lives do NOT matter if black lives do NOT matter. It fell on deaf ears.

White supremacists claim any protesters who affiliate with black lives matter are terrorists. They are including many whites and many, many clergy. But when one shouts, nuance is not necessary.

This weekend a white man from Ohio drove his car into a crowd of counter-protesters in Chralottesville, Virginia. This small city decided to honor the injustice against black americans by renaming parks who had previously honored slave holding, secessionist generals from the Civil War, Lee and Jackson. The insecure men of the alt-right held a rally to protest this. The racist Ohio man killed a white woman, Heather Heyer. Yet no one is using the meme #alllivesmatter in her support. Know what else is not trending #whitelivesmatter. Ms. Heyer was counter-protesting to affirm that black lives do matter. Terribly, the driver James Fields, Jr. did not think even her white life mattered.

This is the issue with facism and white nationalism. The circle can always be drawn a little smaller. The US produced this short film after the 2nd World War to share the lessons learned from defeating Nazism. But the white supremacists and those who enable them have quickly forgotten.


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