PMN talking to MLK

The Post Modern Negro writes

I wonder what my prayers would look like if an Evangelical Protestant like myself was allowed to pray to canonized saints.

I wonder what my prayers would look like if they were addressing slain prophet Martin Luther King Jr..

What would we talk about?

Of course…good Pentecostal that I am I would expect two-way communication. I would expect a response from the person I am addressing.

But if I could pray to St. Martin what would the conversation be like?

Although I do not believe in praying to saints (no disrespect to my Catholic brothers and sisters) I wonder what a prayer session with St. Martin would be like.

Can you imagine that?

This weekend on the eve of observing Dr. King’s b’day I will be hosting three prayer sessions with Saint Martin. Each day I will begin with an opening petition. I will begin tomorrow.

What will he say to me?

day 1 has begun


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