pray for the YWAM shooting victims

See follow-up post to this one.
one report
The first shooting occurred in Arvada, a suburb of Denver, in the early hours of Sunday when a young gunman opened fire at a Christian missionary center. Two staff members in their mid-20s were killed and two others wounded. [follow up post and links on victims and shooter - jpu]
The gunman fled the shooting in Arvada before authorities reached the scene.
About 12 hours later five people were killed -- including the suspected attacker -- in a shooting near a church in Colorado Springs.
El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa told AFP there was "one gunman down" and "four deceased, possibly one wounded" in the incident but said the toll was "preliminary."
It remained unclear if the shootings were related but police in Arvada said they were working with their counterparts in Colorado Springs to determine if there was a link between the two assaults, said Arvada's police chief, Don Wick.

more news here
YWAM's homepage has a press release with photos of some of the victims.
Peter Warren, the Director of Youth with a Mission Denver says they had just finished a Christmas banquet when the suspect arrived and asked a 22-year-old woman from Minnesota if he could be housed for the evening. When she told him they could not house him, that's when, Warren says, the suspect opened fired with an automatic handgun, hitting four people. Police say they do not know whether the shooting was random or if there was a motive.
Jesus, please bring healing to those wounded and those families and communities who sent them and for those who lost kingdom servants today.


Janet Rubin said…
heart-breaking. I just saw the photos in the NYT photo. Beautiful people. With Jesus now. I'll check out the YWAM home page.

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