Top 10 posts 3rd week of December 2007

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  1. Remember this post, Thank God for Mitt Romney? Well Fox news had 21 questions on Mormonism for the LDS to answer. And now the apologists are creating a midrash on those answers.
  2. Evidence Ministries chimes in. 
  3. Parchment and Pen blogger Rob Bowman also.
  4. Don't forget Mormon Coffee (did you catch the entendre there?).
  5. James White digs the details and goes in depth.
  6. Bonus: How about the LDS revelation reversing its racist stance on blacks in the priesthood. Now it's being discussed on the Sunday morning political shows, see the Acton blog.
  7. Just because you are born-again, and not a Mormon, doesn't mean you won't fall under the sway of bad leadership. My friends offer some organizational psychology in a post called Reality and Good Leadership.
  8. Some people may perceive homeschoolers as cultists. They aren't usually. Check out this family of 10.
  9. Read this interview with the YWAM Arvada director on the hospitality shown Murray before he shot them, how God prevented much more devastation, and how forgiveness is essential in this tragedy.
  10. Even Darwinists have to understand that creationists have a point that random mutation does not have an old enough universe to get us to this point.
See plenty of other posts here on Mormons, cults, home schooling, forgiveness, and evolution.


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