In the rain...


No puddle would alter my stride now that my shoes were off. Between puddles cherry blossom petals on the ground would collect on my bare soles as I ran then wash off in a puddle. The cycle repeated over and over again as I enjoyed 3 and a half miles of barefoot running in the rain. It was a more blissful contrast than normal as I had kept my feet shod for a 3 mile hill interval workout. The particular hill we train on is a rough macadam, something my feet are not conditioned enough for yet. Getting to the hill required me to run around puddles. Running in wet shoes is very disagreeable to me.

Previously, I ran the last mile back to my office with liberated feet. But this week I need to increase my sole conditioning. I needed a few more miles. The rain had held off for the hill workout but as I deposited my shoes in a dry spot, the next wave of showers commenced. If I weren't running, 50 degree Fahrenheit would be uncomfortable on those exposed toes. The mild numbing enabled me to not notice some of the debris that might have bothered me last week. The highlight was finding puddles to plunge my feet into, washing them off and making the world come more alive to me through all my senses.



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